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The website , belonging to SUPRAWEG LOGISTIC , is dedicated to investors, who, according to the stipulations of the Law no. 10/1995, regarding the quality in constructions are physical or legal entities, financing or realizing investments or interventions for the existing constructions and have the following main obligations regarding the quality of constructions:

  • establishing the qualitative level which must be accomplished through design and execution based on technical regulations, as well as based on the accomplished studies and researches;
  • obtaining the approvals and the accreditations foreseen by the law, as well as the building authorization;
  • ensuring the inspection of the projects by the certified project inspectors specialists;
  • the inspection of the correct execution of the construction works by the special inspectors or by specialized economical agents, on the entire duration of the works;
  • taking action in the purpose of solving the non conformities, of the defects appeared in the course of execution, as well as of the projects’ deficiency;
  • ensuring the reception of the construction works at the end of the construction and after the expiration of the warranty period;
  • elaborating the technical book of the construction and its output to the owner. ;
  • construction expertise made by certified technical experts, in the situation in which to these constructions works such as the ones foreseen under the Article 18 Par. 2 of the present law are also added.

Also, the website addresses to the specialty inspectors, certified according to the legal stipulations, who wish to join SUPRAWEG LOGISTIC , for performing the activity of construction site supervision.

SUPRAWEG LOGISTIC , as a specialized consultancy economical agent, according to the law, ensures services of site supervision (site inspector), through certified site inspectors.

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